Evil IIIF Presentation Manifests

This is a collection of evil IIIF presentation manifests, each one crafted to break IIIF in some interesting way, or to demonstrate something odd that I wanted to try.

These are used for testing IIIF Presentation Manifests.

Manifest Name  
Base Manifest This one isn't evil. It's just here so that we have something to compare the rest of them to.
Data URI Thumbnails This one has the thumbnails replaced with inline base64 encoded Data URIs.
Inline HTML This one has embedded HTML in the label.
Inline JS This one has embedded javascript in the label.
Fork Bomb This one has embedded self-referential collections.
Everything A List This one expresses everything that can possibly be an array, as an array.
Incorrect Aspect Ratio This one has a portrait aspect ratio for the canvas, but tries to put a landscape image into it.

Source Available on Github